Instagrammable Itineraries: A Weekend in Asheville Part II

Sorry it took me so long! I'm finally getting around to Part II of my Asheville Weekend, which is the most exciting part. Featuring the Biltmore estate (a modern-day castle), some amazing food & coffee, and even nature as well.


Instagrammable Itineraries: A Weekend in Asheville Part I

It's been quite a while, guys. I took a major break from blogging, mostly because the effort to payoff ratio was getting pretty high. Instagram is honestly so much easier to manage and update with. There's still a place for blog posts, however, and I thought I'd revive the blog for some travel-diary type posts. I was asked to make an itinerary for Iceland, but was overwhelmed at the concept of shoving 8 days of travel and photography into one post. I thought I'd start with a smaller endeavor: a weekend in Asheville

I visited Asheville for the first time last weekend, and fell in love with the heart of this charming little city. Had I known that it was surrounded by mountains, lush greenery and a multitude of waterfalls, I certainly would have headed that way a bit sooner. The moment I got there, it struck me that this was an artists' city: plenty of murals, graffiti, and interesting little buildings all with their own unique shapes and colors. Better yet, everything was super close together and the traffic was never bad even on the weekends. Coming from Atlanta, that was a breath of fresh air!


Zaful: An Honest Review

I'm sure anyone on Instagram or who's been online shopping in the past few years has, at some time or another, come across the online clothing retailer Zaful. With sister sites such as SheIn, Romwe, Chicwish, it's taken the internet by storm with affordable, trendy, and "fast fashion" options that are practically made for the 'Gram. Prior to this collaboration, I've definitely been known to shop at these sites myself when I'm looking for an affordable in on a particular short-lived trend. Faux fur coats, anyone? In Houston? There's no way I'm investing in that. 

I received this lovely top (and another from my wishlist!) of my choosing in exchange for a Zaful review. I thought I'd give everyone an honest review that they can live up to, so you know what to expect. I feel that the clothier fulfills a very specific type of niche that makes them successful, but it's important to know what you're getting before you order.