The Ides of March

I would have posted this earlier, around the actual Ides of March (or the 15th), but life kind of got in the way. Mostly, I wanted to share my excitement for Spring with you guys! Who doesn't love this enchanted season? Horrendous allergies aside, an eternal spring would totally be up my alley, if not for the flowing, floral, pastel-colored outfits alone. When you add all the wonders of nature, i.e. flowers and bright colors and relatively moderate temperatures, etc etc it's really quite the package. Stick around 'til the end for a short DIY on how to make your own quintessential Spring accessory!


Physician, Heal Thyself: 5 Ways to Stay (Relatively) Sane in Medical School

Physicians want the best for their patients, but when it comes to their own well-being, they sometimes overlook the best practices that they recommend for others. I definitely see this trend in medical training, from fellow medical students all the way to grown-ass doctors: skipping meals, losing sleep, emotionally burning out, binging on Netflix, junk food, misery etc. I definitely have no authority to speak to how those further in their training should handle stress--the workload only grows as one advances.

However, these are 5 ways that I (a medical student not applying to a cut-throat specialty) like to attempt that elusive "work-life balance." But if you live to work, or if you're gunning for that super competitive specialty, then perhaps this list isn't 100% right for you. And that's fine. I'm a proponent of doing what makes you happy. I am thankful for all the people who fully dedicate their lives to helping other people and are genuinely happy in doing so--y'all are the real MVPs.


Favorite Rompers of Spring 2017

Aren't rompers just perfect for Spring? I love the versatility and movability of a good playsuit. There's also so many different designs that work better on the romper than on a traditional dress silhouette. Color me excited for the upcoming warm weather, but I've already gotten a start on my romper shopping. Below I've posted my favorite picks Under $50, $50-$100, and $100+, so there's something for everybody! 

I should note that none of this is sponsored, just taking y'all through my shopping process! 


The Starting Line

I can't believe it! Official "first post" of my blog, where I'll showcase OOTDs, lookbooks, all that good stuff. Of course I'll also have some (unsolicited) advice on my unique situation: being a medical student? I guess that's unique? I don't really know. Also, I'm not qualified to give advice to "model" medical student citizens, but I can at the very least share my experiences and mishaps. Hopefully this is of some value to somebody somewhere!