The Starting Line

I can't believe it! Official "first post" of my blog, where I'll showcase OOTDs, lookbooks, all that good stuff. Of course I'll also have some (unsolicited) advice on my unique situation: being a medical student? I guess that's unique? I don't really know. Also, I'm not qualified to give advice to "model" medical student citizens, but I can at the very least share my experiences and mishaps. Hopefully this is of some value to somebody somewhere!

I'll give a brief summary on where I am now: 3rd year of medical school, newly finished with Step 1, and done with about 1 year of clinical rotations. Our school is a little weird in that we do Step 1 AFTER rotations (the traditional route is 2 years classroom teaching, followed by big test called Step 1 covering these teachings, then transition into primarily clinical rotation learning, followed by more testing for the rest of our lives). We do this because Step 1 is hugely important to our futures and having clinical rotation experience is helpful towards achieving higher scores, supposedly. Naturally, being a hugely important test, studying for it involves time, specifically 8 weeks of soul-searching, self-questioning, and fighting the epic battle against motivational entropy, in addition to the actual studying. 

But I'm here on the other side now, wondering what my motivation was to begin with. Wondering what it is that I truly love and want to do for the rest of my life. And trying my very best to do more of it. Part of that involves this blog, which represents an opportunity to take more pictures, write more stories, work with more brands and creatives, in essence forcing me to step back from the often-stressful minutiae of "professional schooling." 

So that's where I'm at. Where I'm hoping to go? Not sure yet, but please come along as I find out.

All Photos Shot by Moke Rond
Outfit Details
Skirt: Secondhand New via thredUP
Shoes: Chinese Laundry via Tobi

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