The Ides of March

I would have posted this earlier, around the actual Ides of March (or the 15th), but life kind of got in the way. Mostly, I wanted to share my excitement for Spring with you guys! Who doesn't love this enchanted season? Horrendous allergies aside, an eternal spring would totally be up my alley, if not for the flowing, floral, pastel-colored outfits alone. When you add all the wonders of nature, i.e. flowers and bright colors and relatively moderate temperatures, etc etc it's really quite the package. Stick around 'til the end for a short DIY on how to make your own quintessential Spring accessory!

To commemorate the season, I paired this gorgeous secondhand Marc by Marc Jacobs dress from thredUP with nude gladiator sandals from Zara for an effortless yet elegant outfit. To add some excitement to a relatively simple outfit, I simply plopped on this DIY Flower crown that I made about 4-5 years ago! 

Given how long it's been and how long it's been thrashed around in the back seat of my car, it's held up quite well. When I made this flower crown all those years ago, I shot a few pictures in case I ever decided to make a DIY. Finally, I've gotten around to doing that very thing below.

Beautiful headpiece aside, I decided to keep this outfit simple because I sincerely think this dress from thredUP speaks for itself. The hem detailing is so intricate and delicate, and the baby doll silhouette is always flattering on short to average height women like me. Best thing was that it was in like new condition for an affordable price, especially given that it's a brand name item. Usually, I love exploring independent retailers and affordable fashion, because there's just no way for me to afford something brand name. thredUP gave me the opportunity to own something I would not otherwise feel comfortable shelling out the cash for. I was also excited to collaborate with thredUP, because one of my childhood friends used to work there! It was pretty cool making this kind of real-world connection with a brand.

Also, can we talk about these gorgeous lace up sandals from Zara? I definitely fell in love with these the minute I saw them last year.

 Thanks for sticking around, guys! Now for the DIY part!

How to Make Your Own Flower Crown, the Quick and Dirty Version

Step 1. Gather Your Materials

This might be the hardest part of the whole process. Materials you will need:
  1. 1 roll of Floral Stem floral tape/paper
  2.  Thick burlapy floral wire (I got this from Michaels)
  3. One coil of thin green floral wire
  4. Wire cutters (the ones pictured are not actually wire-cutters, and it was quite a struggle to cut everything but it managed, but do yourself a favor and get actual wire cutters)
  5. A bunch of fake flowers and various stems
  6. Optional and not pictured: Measuring tape
Where to find all these items? I just went to Michaels (where I used to work in high school) for everything except for the cutting tool, and was able to find all of these items in the floral section. Going to Michaels was just more convenient for me, as these items are usually available in most craft stores and Amazon. At least for your flowers, I would recommend going to a store with great fake florals so you can test out different combinations in person. I think this came out to a total of around $20.00, especially with some savvy coupon usage on the thick floral wire, which will probably be the most costly individual item. Michaels frequently has 40% off coupons in their weekly flyers.

Step 2: Measure your head circumference with measuring tape (or the brown floral wire), add 5-7 inches, then cut this length with your wire cutters

As you can see in this example, I just used one loop of the brown wire as the base and coiled the ends together to close the loop. Basically, the simplest method possible. This is not the only way you can build the base, however. Others include: 

Credit: http://thewonderforest.com
Braiding the wire gives some gorgeous detailing to the base, so I would recommend this if you're using dainty flowers and small details that will reveal a lot of the brown wire underneath. This gives it volume and makes the crown more interesting than if you were to use a single loop. The tutorial above taped the free ends of the wire with white tape, but you can also use your green floral tape for this or safely tuck the free ends without taping.

Credit: http://www.sarahlaughed.com

You can also shape the wire into these sequential diamond shapes and make it open (like a headband, as pictured above) or closed (like a crown). I would definitely suggest this style if you're trying to make a huge statement piece, because the diamonds give you much more space to weave in a ton of flowers. However, I wasn't able to shape this perfectly, so if I wanted to use more ditsy florals or small detailing that didn't cover the base, the imperfections would more obviously show.

Step 3: Use the thin green wire to attach florals to the crown base

First, I planned where the flowers would go and arranged them along the crown. I started with the bigger pieces and filled in the spaces with smaller flowers and stem details. I then used the green wire to wrap each flower (which I had cut short previously to include 0.5 inch of stem) around the base. Don't be afraid to use multiple loops (for some flowers I would use 10-20 loops) because you want to make sure it's very secure. Don't worry about the back, it's going to look messy!

Step 4: Cover up the wiring with floral tape!

This step is mainly to cover the gnarly mess of wires and to also protect your scalp when wearing the crown. I opened the floral tape, which is slightly sticky (almost like an Ace bandage for flowers), and started wrapping the base of the crown a few inches before reaching the flowers to a few inches past the flowers so that the tape would not unstick and come loose on either end. Without cutting, I looped the tape roll around the crown, carefully tucking the tape in behind the flowers and tightening as I went. It's a little chunky if you look closely at the back, but it does the job of protecting my head from scrapes!

Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial! If you noticed from my materials picture, I didn't end up using all of the florals that I originally got. The point is to experiment and be creative. Make something perfect for you!


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