Morning Glory

In case it's not yet obvious, I enjoy "experimenting" with my style and really could not describe in less than a few hundred words. There are times when I'm uncharacteristically super girly and proper, and other times I'm just a fan of wearing baggie hoodies, ripped jeans, and tennis shoes... for like 5 days in a row. But when there's a holiday, you know I'm going to dress accordingly!


A Matter of Time: Giveaway with JORD

You know how some people measure their lives by the passing of the seasons, the X's on a calendar, in coffee spoons? Well, lately it feels like I've been measuring my time by the passing of each clinical rotation, each month a chapter I'm eager to skim through. Just get through this, I tell myself, and then I will be free... until I hit the next "road block," that is. A cycle of stop and go, quiet and chaos, tension and relief. So it goes, they say, but I'm not so sure.