Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies

I thought the Tupac-Lyric-As-Post-Title was funny and fitting because my outfit today is embellished with these huge, ultra-reflective cat-eye sunnies (that I'm in love with). Any lookers on wouldn't really be able to see any real eyes, which is the way I like it anyhow. It got me thinking about the phenomena and power of identity-crafting on social media. Who are we; what is our deepest, hidden selves, and how do we carefully craft our persona on social media to reflect or defer that? Furthermore, how does it translate to how we relate to acquaintances or people who don't really know us but perhaps think they do?

Damn. That's a lot of loaded questions, and I'm sure one could come up with an undergraduate thesis addressing these modern day phenomena. As for me, I'm happy to just write about myself, and share how I'm "different" from how I come across on social media. So stay tuned for a few major ways that I portray myself differently on social media based on what I'm like IRL. And a hint of truth in those lies.


Slipping Into Summer: 5 Ways to Keep Up My "9 To 5" and Blogging

OK, I know it's not summer yet, but in Houston, summer always stretches its own definition into a few extra months. Today it finally felt like the sun was beating down on us, giving way to an inevitably stifling next few months. How will I be coping? Lots of water and ice cream, because duh.

I was inspired to talk about a few tips that I keep in my pocket to balance my "9 to 5" and blogging. To be fair, it's not exactly a 9 to 5, which is why I keep it in quotations. Sometimes it's 7 to 7, sometimes it's 3 to 11, sometimes I work 6 days a week as opposed to 5. It all depends on the rotation that I'm on and whether or not we get admissions at 5 in the afternoon (lol please no). So it's as good as full time, but it's not always the most reliable schedule. My friends in medical school understand this, and usually ask questions along the line of "how?" How do I take pictures so often (and does it involve a constantly doting Instagram boyfriend)? When do I find time to fit in photography, planning, editing, and writing amongst studying, cleaning, errands, and other important life stuff? These are all great questions, and I thought I'd clarify some things I need to do in order to balance the two.