Summer, An Ode of Sorts

As my two week Summer vacation draws to a close, I'm overwhelmed by a sense of nostalgia for summers past. Even though I'm technically classified as an "adult" nowadays, there's nothing more I miss from childhood than those dog days of summer. It was a time of true freedom, when I was able to pursue any avenue that caught my fancy--art, skateboarding, or watching South Park all day. Times are different now--even today, nearing the end of my break, I am running around trying to clean and move out of a place that I've called home the past year. Believe me, it is not glamorous, nor is it refreshing. While I'm whiling away the hours scrubbing and vacuuming, I like to think of my favorite summer things...


3 Ways to Wear: H&M Trumpet Sleeve Blouse

It's the eternal fashion blogger dilemma: Do I continuously engorge my ever-growing closet with new, trendy pieces or do I sacrifice the ability to create a variety of new and exciting outfits? Sometimes, the two aren't mutually exclusive. Case in point:

Photo Cred: H&M
This blouse from H&M with gorgeous pleated trumpet sleeves has taken the blogger/Instagram world by storm. It's harder to count the people who I haven't seen it on. And who can blame them? The versatility of this top, even with its gorgeous detailing, is almost infinite. It didn't take long for me to come up with three very different outfits featuring this beauty. And more ideas are constantly churning through my head. This top lends itself to the creative process. Seriously, this blog post is like an ode to this blouse... it's almost weird.