Summer, An Ode of Sorts

As my two week Summer vacation draws to a close, I'm overwhelmed by a sense of nostalgia for summers past. Even though I'm technically classified as an "adult" nowadays, there's nothing more I miss from childhood than those dog days of summer. It was a time of true freedom, when I was able to pursue any avenue that caught my fancy--art, skateboarding, or watching South Park all day. Times are different now--even today, nearing the end of my break, I am running around trying to clean and move out of a place that I've called home the past year. Believe me, it is not glamorous, nor is it refreshing. While I'm whiling away the hours scrubbing and vacuuming, I like to think of my favorite summer things...

This gorgeous combination, for one, reminds me of the flowiness of the ocean meeting the camel-hued sands. The color scheme and exposed shoulder transports me at once to a sunny beachside town, where the wind whips heavily through your hair and clothing. I'm probably eating ice cream in this town. Obviously.

What are your favorite parts of summer? Though the hot hot heat might be overwhelming, sometimes I like the gleam of sweat on everybody's brow. Ice cream may melt, but it cools you as it drips down your fingers and dissolves in your mouth. Popsicles especially so.

I love the watermelon and the lemonade, the backyard pool parties with floaties of all different shapes and functions. There's usually barbecue, and fireworks, and slow, easy conversation that flows late into the night, until even the last of the fireflies burn out and retreat into their twilight abodes.

Summer fashion, too! Pastels and florals, dramatic cuts designed to cool off and show some skin, an easy fluidity to the fabric so that the wearer can actually, y'know, breathe. Silks and linens and eyelet cottons parade through the sun-drenched asphalt streets, never failing to turn my head as they walk by.

In my head, in my dreams, Summer always reigns supreme, responsibilities and adulthood be damned!

Photos by: Moke Rond
Sunglasses: Wearmepro
Neck scarf, top, trousers: Zara
Bag: Gabriela Rocha, via 6 PM
Shoes: NastyGal

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