Beat the Sunday Scaries

Everybody knows that Sunday afternoon feel: with the day half-wasted and gone, the hours dwindling as the promise of work looms overhead, the thought of another week hangs heavy in our heads and in our hearts. For a long time, I've lived with and accepted that feeling without second thought. My reasoning was, if I really hated life enough, I was in the wrong field, and if not, I could suck it up and deal with it. The problem is, life isn't black and white. I realized that I never really looked deep down and examined why the idea of the upcoming week was so terrifying to me, and I'm finding now that it's a lot more complicated than a simple desire to evade responsibilities. Relinquishing the hold Sunday afternoon has on you doesn't have to be solved by making huge life changes. We can combat Sunday scaries by taking a few small steps to organize our thoughts and regain control over our hectic schedules!


Getting NSane with #NSale: Favorite Picks Under $90.00

Ok, as per usual I'm super late to the game. As much as I tried to steer clear from this hyped up cashfest that is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I buckled and made a flying leapt for the bandwagon in the end. I caved. I mean, on principle, though I love shopping at smaller boutiques and indie clothiers, I have nothing against Nordstrom per se. They carry some of my favorite brands. They have stunning product displays and beauty products. Most importantly, they have really fancy bathrooms.

So in the spirit of compromise, I have linked a few of my favorite picks that I actually plan on shopping (these contain affiliate links). I'm really only in the market for tops (eternally) and I always have a weakness for gorgeous dresses. The dresses linked are all under $90 and the tops are all under $45. Why so cheap? Well, when I shop a sale, I like to feel like I'm getting a deal. With these pieces, I'm actually super excited and hopeful that I get them. As you may be able to tell, I'm on a ruffle/boho lace kick lately. Summer never really ends in Houston so I'm excited to be able to wear these pieces until November, basically.

The sale is open to everybody from July 21st to August 6th


Update: Shoe Picks Under $90

I super-caved and decided I wanted to shop for shoes as well... sales like these are dangerous. And naturally, everything I've picked is pitch black, like my soul. Personally, I'm most excited about that Nordstrom boot on sale for 65$... nobody else buy it please.

Are you planning on shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? What pieces are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments below!


How I'm Keeping Cool This Summer

Just as there are many interpretations of the word "cool," there are also many ways to achieve it. It might not seem so easy when the temperatures are in the 90s (Fahrenheit, for all you non-Murricans) and the humidity is 70% and you feel like you're swimming through a sea of hot steam every time you walk outside, but there are means. Here are a few ways that I'm getting through the summer, and keeping things from heating up too much.


Why I'm Falling Out of Love With Instagram

Alright y'all, time to get real. Lately it seems to be the case that using Instagram has caused me more grief than anything else. What with the new algorithm and decreased engagement rates, despondently absent customer service, brands continuously trying to get you to pay them to promote them (no, I refuse to feature your item at a 33% discount off your 133% jacked up price, sorry not sorry), and this pesky little thing called the Shadowban, I've had a rocky few days using the photo-sharing app. It's caused me to reevaluate a few things that are important to me and how I should use Instagram, and whether I should even bother using it, from now on.