Loners 'R' Us: How I Shoot my Photos

I've been on Instagram and blogging for a little over a year now. Over this time, I've learned a lot and grown as a photographer and blogger. I've started shooting with like-minded blogger friends with great results; I've dragged out my boyfriend (achem, "IG Husband") to take cheesy photos during travels and laid-back weekends. The truth of the matter is, however, that everybody is busy, including me. Sure, now that I'm almost done with school, I've got quite a few more days off than I had before, but the problem is those days off don't always line up with other people's plans. For busy girls constantly wondering how to get good photos without the weirdness/conceit of "photographing myself," read on:


Zaful Wishlist and Review

Zaful is one of those brands that has taken the internet shopping game by storm. I've only ever ordered a few pieces from there before, but recently I've been looking for the perfect tank dress and was delighted by a few pieces I found on their website. In the process of browsing, I've created a wishlist of all the things from their website that I'm planning on getting.

Keep reading for links of these items!