Zaful Wishlist and Review

Zaful is one of those brands that has taken the internet shopping game by storm. I've only ever ordered a few pieces from there before, but recently I've been looking for the perfect tank dress and was delighted by a few pieces I found on their website. In the process of browsing, I've created a wishlist of all the things from their website that I'm planning on getting.

Keep reading for links of these items!

#1.  Striped Tank Dress

This flowy, summery dress is a perfect variant on an old theme. I love the combination of vertical and horizontal stripes. The vertical stripes in the skirt help slim down the waist line and legs, while the horizontal stripes in the camisole help broaden your upper body, especially if you're flat-chested (like me!) The ruffly layers also mean that it looks interesting but not too overwhelming.

#2. Ginger Crop Top Set

Mustard yellow, ginger, what have you--regardless of what you call it, it's a must-have color in your wardrobe! I love that this feels summery and fun. Houston summer lasts forever so I definitely will have a few more months to wear this. I love that the set can be split up and paired with lots of other pieces as well. Can you imagine how good that crop top would look with a pair of culottes or an elegant maxi skirt?

#3. Polka Dot Blouse

This blouse has everything--puffy sleeves, bow tie, and a lovely polka dot pattern that is as classic as it is adorable. This blouse would go with almost every bottom that I have in my closet while staying completely on trend for this season's Go-Big-Sleeves-Or-Go-Home trend (That's what I'm calling it). Either way, I cannot get enough! Need this overnighted to my closet...

#4. Layered Ruffle Sleeve Blouse 

Combining off-the-shoulder with the seersucker and ruffle sleeve trend, this top would go perfectly with a pair of jeans or some shorts. Love that the tiered ruffle sleeves add a little extra flair to a tried-and-true combination without adding too much "poof" to your midsection (the one downside to this season's big blouse trend). The silhouette it cuts is just darling!

#5. Colorblock Bag

Last, but not least, we must all remember to accessorize. What better way than with a colorful handbag to perfectly top off your look? This bag captures this summer's love for blue and neutrals with it's sky-blue perfection. It comes with a coin purse on the side and an adjustable across-the-shoulder strap.

I have a lot more items that caught my eye, but if I shared them all it would take a lifetime. For now, these are a few pieces that I think are super versatile, pair well together, and are must-haves for your closet as summer comes to an end.

If you guys are interested in shopping here, you can use the coupon code "ZFEN" to save 10% off your order. Let me know what you think of my picks! I tried hard to find pieces with all sizes still available, so get them fast before they run out. Furthermore, I would love to see some of the items that would make it onto your wishlist as well. Let me know in the comments below.


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