Zaful: An Honest Review

I'm sure anyone on Instagram or who's been online shopping in the past few years has, at some time or another, come across the online clothing retailer Zaful. With sister sites such as SheIn, Romwe, Chicwish, it's taken the internet by storm with affordable, trendy, and "fast fashion" options that are practically made for the 'Gram. Prior to this collaboration, I've definitely been known to shop at these sites myself when I'm looking for an affordable in on a particular short-lived trend. Faux fur coats, anyone? In Houston? There's no way I'm investing in that. 

I received this lovely top (and another from my wishlist!) of my choosing in exchange for a Zaful review. I thought I'd give everyone an honest review that they can live up to, so you know what to expect. I feel that the clothier fulfills a very specific type of niche that makes them successful, but it's important to know what you're getting before you order.

Appearance: 8/10. With the pieces I received from this collaboration and from what I have purchased myself in the past, I would say that I have never had a moment where the product looked devastatingly different from the promotional photos. Honestly, I cannot say the same for other websites. I thought this was a win for Zaful because I feel that I trust the website more. Of course, there is a ton of variety to choose from on the website and usually you'll find something to fit your search, but the pieces tend to be trendy, youthful looks that would, for the most part, not be appropriate in a professional setting. Think short skirts, tops with elaborate sleeves and cutouts, bathing suits. But if you want something cute, interesting, out-there, you can likely find it on Zaful.

Quality: 4/10. I'd say this is one tier below the popular American clothing brand Forever21. Though my top looked like the picture, in person the sleeves had numerous loose threads hanging off of them. The material also happened to be quite sheer, which definitely required me to wear additional clothing under the top to hide certain things. The top also smelled like motor oil and gasoline, which was off-putting? After I wore it and washed it, however, the smell thankfully disappeared. However based on quality alone, I honestly do not see the piece that I get as a long-lasting closet staple.

Price 9/10: Zaful has many affordable pieces at great prices. To be fair to the quality of certain products, the prices could be lower. I think items are priced more according to their trendiness or appearance as opposed to their quality, so sometimes a more popular item will be more expensive than a less popular item, even though the fabric and material feels a lot cheaper. This is understandable, as I feel Zaful is most successful when marketed as fast fashion, and the appearance is more important than the long-lasting ability of the products.

Customer Service/Shipping: 5.5/10. Since this happens to be a weakness common to all international fashion wholesalers, I'll give Zaful somewhat of a pass. However, in the past I've received items 20+ days after ordering them. For this order, I received the first item 10 days after ordering and the second 13+ days. Since I was expected to be scrutinizing the service more, I believe that I received the orders faster than I usually would, because I've heard from friends and followers that 10-13 days is considered very fast for Zaful. I understand they have limitations because they are producing many items for affordable prices and shipping from halfway around the world. However, if there's one effective implementation they could work on, faster shipping would benefit them greatly. The thing about fast fashion and shopping according to trends is that trends and seasons pass faster than we think. If Zaful wants to dominate the fast fashion market, getting their wares out to customers faster would greatly benefit their customer base and keep them ordering more, because they know Zaful is a reliable way to keep up with the trends. 

Would I order from Zaful again?: Honestly, I probably will end up ordering from Zaful in the future, but I also have too many clothes to know what to do with them and I constantly need to take photos of new outfits. Well, I don't need to, but I love fashion photography and Instagram, so I will end up doing that as long as it's possible for me. For people in my situation who are constantly looking for new, creative pieces that don't break the bank, Zaful is paramount and it's one of my constant sources of inspiration. Do I wish that shipping was faster and more reliable/trackable? Yes. Could the quality be better even considering their fast fashion category? Also yes. Will shopping there benefit you? Check it out with my tips in mind, and let me know what you think!

Photographer: Moke Rond
Outfit Details
Hat: Asos
Top: Zaful
Skirt: Asos
Shoes: Zara

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