Weekends with Caseapp

Good news! I've gotten my weekends back for the time being. It's easy to take for granted the slow, relaxed pace of two days off per week when you've been living one. But now that I'm back, everything feels so much better, and I have time enough to breathe and partake in my favorite leisurely activities, i.e. visiting coffee shops early in the morning before anybody else gets there. More times than not, you'll find me armed with my laptop and phone, because usually I've got photos to edit and sometimes, if I'm motivated, research to work on. Most likely, I'm procrastinating and browsing Instagram. Regardless, I'm always nose deep in the digital planet and keep my phone and my laptop close to my heart.

Since I'm so dependent on technology, I make sure to keep my babies protected and looking pristine with Caseapp! The best part is that there are hundreds of designs to choose from, and the designs are available for both your laptop and your phone. Of course I opted for the matchy matchy, because I am quite basic. If none of the varied preexisting designs suit your taste, you can provide your own photo/design and opt for a custom iPhone case or laptop skin instead. I ended up loving both my laptop skin and iPhone case, not only for the sleek design but also the quality. The sticker is very thick and has a good weight, and the phone case is extremely durable. I tend to be a phone dropper, and so far it's saved my phone a few times already!

Use the code "THESHUTUPKID20" to get 20% off your order at Caseapp. Have you guys ever tried their product? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!



Instagrammable Itineraries: A Weekend in Asheville Part II

Sorry it took me so long! I'm finally getting around to Part II of my Asheville Weekend, which is the most exciting part. Featuring the Biltmore estate (a modern-day castle), some amazing food & coffee, and even nature as well.


Instagrammable Itineraries: A Weekend in Asheville Part I

It's been quite a while, guys. I took a major break from blogging, mostly because the effort to payoff ratio was getting pretty high. Instagram is honestly so much easier to manage and update with. There's still a place for blog posts, however, and I thought I'd revive the blog for some travel-diary type posts. I was asked to make an itinerary for Iceland, but was overwhelmed at the concept of shoving 8 days of travel and photography into one post. I thought I'd start with a smaller endeavor: a weekend in Asheville

I visited Asheville for the first time last weekend, and fell in love with the heart of this charming little city. Had I known that it was surrounded by mountains, lush greenery and a multitude of waterfalls, I certainly would have headed that way a bit sooner. The moment I got there, it struck me that this was an artists' city: plenty of murals, graffiti, and interesting little buildings all with their own unique shapes and colors. Better yet, everything was super close together and the traffic was never bad even on the weekends. Coming from Atlanta, that was a breath of fresh air!